cherries+chopsHere in Southern California, cherry picking season just ended. It only lasts a few short weeks. You snooze, you lose. This year I finally set my alarm and ventured out to the Leona Valley to pick myself some cherries for the very first time! I can't wait to go back next year with my camera to document the beauty and the bounty since my iPhone shots just didn't do this place justice. With a fridge full of cherries, I came across this cherry salsa recipe and immediately knew a trip to Lindy & Grundy was in order to pick up a couple of their smoked pork chops. If you're a carnivore and live in the Los Angeles area you MUST check this butcher out. Grab yourself some lamb bacon, too. That stuff has spoiled me for all other bacon. Seriously. LBLT anyone?

The mouthwatering chops shown above were browned on the stovetop and finished in the oven. For the salsa, I used shallot in place of the red onion and agave nectar instead of sugar. I swore off kitchen gadgets long ago, but this little gem will change your life. It's my excuse for picking a ton more cherries next year. As suspected, the cherries and chops were a match made in heaven, served up with a kale salad and a mighty fine Oregon PinotHoping to make Food Porn Friday a regular thing around here. :D