Rosie's Pups

rosie+pups My boy Dudley (a Lab mix) first met Rosie when she was just a pup. They were about the same size back then. It was love at first sight for Dudley. They saw each other often. Each time, Rosie got bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And even at the ripe old age of 13, my old guy still gets that same goofy look when he gazes up at her. 

When I heard the news of Rosie's pregnancy I was thrilled. This would be my first newborn shoot! The four day old puppies were all snuggled in a crate on top of blankets and a heating pad when I arrived just in time for a feeding. I had no idea that with larger breeds like Great Danes, the puppies are usually only with the mother for feeding and must be closely monitored. The mother could easily roll over onto the puppies without knowing and let's just say that would not be a good thing. Well, the puppies did not disappoint. They were perfect little cooperative subjects. Talk about cuteness overload? 

If you are interested in more information on the puppies please contact me. There is one boy and two girls that will be looking for a home in a few weeks. I'm happy to report one of the sweet little girl pups will be sticking around the neighborhood. Good news for Dudley, they don't call him the Hugh Hefner of the hood for nothin.'