My name is Sally Field. Yes, Sally Field. Yes, just like the actress.

In elementary school during roll call my teachers would do a double-take and then comment, “Oh, like The Flying Nun!” or reference their favorite Gidget episode. This would elicit blank stares from not only myself but the rest of the classroom. At the age of five I quickly learned I share a name with a celebrity. A very popular actress 19 years my senior.

As the years progressed, so did her career. I was made hyper-aware of her latest roles, latest love interests, latest achievements and latest product endorsements. 

To this day, after I introduce myself I inhale sharply, waiting for the comment. I know in an instant when one is coming, I raise my hand to exclaim, “Don’t even bother, I’ve heard them all.” It never works, people can’t seem to help themselves.

“Wait... Sally Field?”  
“How’s Burt?”  
“You like me, you really, really like me!”

I have always been curious what it would feel like to be the famous person. So I channeled my inner-celebrity and tried on the iconic moments in the life of actress Sally Field, but as me... Being Sally Field


Stayed tuned… more to come.