Soul Shooting

soul-shooting Molly lives in South Carolina. Kellie lives in Hawaii. Sarah lives in California. Rosina lives in New Jersey. 

These four incredibly talented photographers met online just a few years ago. They discovered each other through Flickr where their styles and shooting philosophy drew them together. They have motivated, pushed and inspired each other ever since. They have carried each other through life's ups and downs and speak on the phone almost daily. Yet these four women had never been in the same room together. And that's how Soul Shooting was born.
I just love how Rosina described the day: "on sunday, june 3rd, a little workshop called soul shooting took place in newport beach, ca. it was the first time molly, kellie, sarah and i gathered together as a team, hoping to inspire some fellow artists who wanted to find their own visions when it came to photography. it wasn’t a time to show off our talents nor was it to brag about how experienced we were. it was a time to sit down, hang out and chat with 12 other amazing souls who were in love and passionate about life. it was more than beautiful. that day, we looked deep within ourselves and learned a tiny piece about what and who we were."
I, my friends, was one of those 12 fortunate souls. And inspire they did, what a day! I am constantly in awe over the power of the internet. Who knew the world wide web could bring together a room full of amazing like-minded people so organically. Small world indeed.
(Sarah, girl you have ninja moves! And Kellie, those three shots of you in the water with Merrik?! I love how fearless you are.)