2012 was to be the year I finally made it back to Europe. Sadly, my only adventure across the pond was a long weekend in Amsterdam in my 20's. And yes, I do remember that crazy trip. Bits and pieces anyway. ;-)

Back in February my favorite husband and wife photography team bobbi+mike announced they were holding a two day photography workshop in their home studio. I have been following their blog religiously for nearly a year and I already considered us BFFs! (okay, stay with me here) Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be deciding between Paris and Indianapolis as a travel destination. But this was a no-brainer. Indiana... here I come!

Well, it turned out to be the best decision EVER. It was the weirdest thing pulling into their driveway that Monday morning. I truly felt like I already knew these two wildly funny and talented people. As I entered the orange (of course) door in the back I felt at home immediately. They made sure of it. It was like a surreal reunion of old friends who had never met. And I'm quite certain the other 11 attendees, also fabulous (of course), would agree. The next two 12+ hour days were jam-packed with learning, laughs and way too many peanut M&Ms.

Remember when I said I already considered us BFFs? This proves the power of the blog. By being yourself and posting exactly what you're best at you will attract the people who love what you do. But most importantly I learned "People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it."  The love for WHAT bobbi+mike do oozes out of their blog through both the words and the photos. They share their stories which communicate WHY they do it. Did I tell you they were genius, or what? And I bet you every single client who books them feels the same way I do.

Yep, I came away forever changed and incredibly inspired. And as far as Paris goes? Eh, maybe next year. :-D