My neighbor Hilary has two Great Danes. I have been in awe of these gorgeous creatures for years now. Knowing I'm always up for a fun photo-op, she invited me to the Great Dane Club of California's 2012 Spring Breed Match. It's hard to believe that most of these gentle giants are still considered puppies. There was a Handling Class at noon followed by a Conformation Judging. I immediately fell for the ridiculously gorgeous 8 month old 'blue' Dane above. When I mentioned I had never seen a Dane that color I was told, "sure you have." And sure enough, I had. No wonder it was love at first sight!

There were quite a few canine elders in attendance to cheer on the pups. The eldest of all was Lava, retired champion and film star who was celebrating her 12th birthday that day. Lots and lots of slobbery love and the occasional baritone WOOF made for a really fun afternoon. You can see Lava and the entire photo set HERE.