moo Yes, moo. It's to be exact. I have been dying to give this company a try ever since I first heard of them last year.

The launch of my new website became the perfect opportunity. They offer a wide selection of printed products but what I find incredibly ingenious are their minicards. One side of the card is common to all, but you can upload as many alternate sides as you like. Talk about a mini portfolio in your pocket?! I did a test run of 100 cards with 10 alternate sides. You upload all of your artwork/photography to their website which is incredibly user-friendly. And even kinda fun.

Their online calculator is great, you can try any number of options to get a price that will meet your budget. And I must say their prices are really good, especially for the quality they provide. I was in a hurry so I paid a little extra for rush printing. Not only did they keep me posted via email every step of the way but they delivered early. Oh, and that fancy little black case pictured above is extra but worth every penny.

I love that old saying: Underpromise and overdeliver. It makes for a satisfied customer EVERY time.