Merman Caspian Storm

I have always been fascinated by underwater photography and knew I must try it one day.
When I had the opportunity to participate in a mermaid shoot (oh, how I love you, Los Angeles!) I dove right in, pardon the pun. It was way harder than I ever imagined. Staying low underwater was a huge challenge.

I learned so much observing the other experienced photographers and talented models.
I paired up with Merman Caspian Storm and asked him to be patient with me since I was a first-timer. I later found out it was his first time too! I'm really proud of these shots and I think we made quite a pair.

Learn a bit more about Merman Caspian Storm after the photographs...

I love your merman name, tell me more?
My name is Brian Garces and my Merman name is Caspian Storm. I picked Caspian because that is what Ursula uses as part of the spell to steal Ariel's voice in The Little Mermaid. Storm because I'm quick to move in and destroy things. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and currently live in Newport Beach, CA.

What draws you to the water?
Since I was a child the water has called to me. I remember being little and always staring out into the ocean hoping I would see a mermaid come up to the surface. The mystery behind what's in the deep blue sea is what attracts me to the ocean. I really enjoy being underwater. Its very calming, soothing, and peaceful. I have been a merman for almost a year and this was my very first underwater photo shoot. 

What do you do when you're not in the water?
I'm a Medical Nail Technician. I work as a podiatrist assistant along with going off site to over 50 different senior assisted living homes providing medical hand and foot services to the seniors. I specialize in senior, diabetic, cancer, and HIV patients. I love to help others in any way possible.

Why Mermaids? Why a Merman? 
Seeing Splash and The Little Mermaid as a child I said to myself, "I want that, I want to feel that, I want to see what they see." Mermaids are finally getting the recognition they deserve. But everyone wants the beautiful Mermaid, not the Merman. I would like to become a merman with a cause some day. I hope to make a change so our future generations can continue to enjoy the oceans instead of learning what happened to them from their ancestors.


Model: Caspian Storm
Hair: Carlos Ramirez
Makeup Artist: Moe Artistik
Makeup Artist: Stacy Ann