Baby Makes Six

I've known the Sernas family for a few years now and was thrilled to learn their family had grown again. I was even more thrilled when Leah asked me to photograph the adoption finalization of their newest addition, baby Jonathan. We met at the Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court on Monday, November 4th where Jonathan had a whole entourage of admirers. Not just his own family, but close friends, the Henry family. The Henry's have four children, all about the same ages as the Sernas kids. How perfect is that?

Once everyone filed into the courtroom, Mom and Dad swore before God and the courts that they would love Jonathan forever and ever and ever. And everyone cheered. Even the judge.

I swear, this family spreads joy wherever they go. It was especially noticeable at the courthouse which is not always associated with happy events. So many strangers approached wanting to know the story and marveled at all of the little ones playing so happily together. I'm telling you, the smiles were certainly contagious that day.

2013-11-16_0001 2013-11-16_0002 2013-11-16_0003 2013-11-16_0004 2013-11-16_0005 2013-11-16_0006 2013-11-16_0007 2013-11-16_0008 2013-11-16_0009 2013-11-16_0010 2013-11-16_0011 2013-11-16_0012 2013-11-16_0013 2013-11-16_0014 2013-11-16_0015 2013-11-16_0016 2013-11-16_0017 2013-11-16_0018 2013-11-16_0019 2013-11-16_0020 2013-11-16_0021 2013-11-16_0022 2013-11-16_0023 2013-11-16_0024 2013-11-16_0025 2013-11-16_0026 2013-11-16_0027 2013-11-16_0028 2013-11-16_0029 2013-11-16_0030 2013-11-16_0031 2013-11-16_0032 2013-11-16_0033


I love how photography allows me to participate in moments like these. What I love even more is the fact that these memories have been captured forever and the photographs will be viewed and cherished for years to come.

And speaking of smiles? Yep, I did that all the way home. :-)

Congratulations Leah and Ruben on that great big, loving family of yours!  XO