The Webbs

Kelly and James and their boys Matthew and Macauley (who they fondly refer to as their punks) live in Texas. So imagine my delight when they announced they would be visiting Los Angeles?! Kelly and I met a few years ago while taking an online photography workshop and clicked immediately (pardon the pun). I knew Santa Monica Pier would be the perfect place to take them because it's both fun and photogenic. Just like them! webb blog-5webb blog-1

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The ferris wheel shot was an idea I had in my head and was not 100% certain if it would be doable, but these guys were more than eager to play along. The Webbs and I rode in neighboring buckets. There was a split second as the ferris wheel rounded the top where we could see each other. The first few times we were laughing so hysterically my shots were all over the place. And then there was the time when they came into view and they were all taking MY picture. (They are ALL punks, I'm telling you!) But once I got the timing down… bingo. :D



I had to share some of the hilarious outtakes. Those clever guys had me laughing all day long. These apples surely did not fall far from the proverbial tree. This family and their connection is a wonderful thing to witness. And boy, oh boy, do I ever wish they were my neighbors.