Los Angeles Flower Market

Please pardon my absence… I've been a studying fool. I enrolled in a few classes at The Julia Dean Photography Workshops here in Hollywood and they've been keeping me pretty busy. I have always been drawn to street shooting so when I saw that Julia Dean herself was teaching a class on that very subject I was over the moon excited. I normally process my street images in black and white as you can see here. But something about shooting downtown at the Flower Market made me want to go for color. The vibrant blooms. The heady fragrance in the air. Even though the market borders skid row, color just felt right. And when I crossed that geographical boundary that even visually dictates "safe" from "maybe not so safe," I was amazed at the colors I found.

street_flowermarket-1 street_flowermarket-2 street_flowermarket-3 street_flowermarket-4 street_flowermarket-5 street_flowermarket-6 street_flowermarket-7