Hey There Delilah

I'd like to introduce the little lady who has been the object of my attention the past few weeks. Delilah was rescued from the Devore Animal Shelter by the caring folks at the King of Hearts Foundation on 1/31/13, the day she was to be euthanized. I met her a few days later and let's just say it was love at first sight. I agreed to foster with the intention of adoption. She came home with me to Villa Vine on 2/5/13. She quickly adapted to her mighty fine crib but did not embrace the idea of strangers or tackling the many stairs leading to the street.

I knew I needed to call in the pros and after a few hours with Jamie and Vickie from Hooligan Hounds, Delilah was changed. I can't say enough about these fine folks. Hooligan Hound himself was instrumental! They gave me the tools to continue her training and for the past week we have walked the streets at least twice a day. The stairs are now a non-issue and she is meeting all the members of the neighborhood doggy gang slowly but surely. And that tail that was once tucked between her legs is wagging wildly.

Not gonna lie, I had my moments of doubt those first two weeks. But I am so glad I gave her the time, attention and love she needed to get comfortable and truly come into her own.

I haven't had a puppy in the house for 14 years so imagine my surprise when I learned about antlers. Antlers?! Yes, that is Delilah pictured below chewing on her favorite all natural toy. And that sweet little hand-stamped pet tag (swoon!) came from Alyssa at The Copper Poppy.

Okay, gotta go… time for a walk. :D