I am a visual person. 100%. I've never been great at scrapbooking or journaling but have always wished I were. At the end of 2013 I saw this video. It really moved me. And got me thinking about how fast time flies, how I may be missing some important stuff and how a photograph a day was not out of the question.

I decided to commit on a level that was realistic for me. A snap a day with my iPhone was doable and I wanted to get better at iPhoneography anyway. Win-win? I have been posting each day to my Instagram and am happy to report that 40 plus days into this project I am so happy I committed.

A friend (thanks Nicole!) turned me on to this sweet little app (and it's free!) that not only reminds me daily, but also makes pretty little monthly calendars like the one I have posted. Below is what my January looked like. Just one glance at these tiny photo squares takes me right back to that moment. I cannot wait to complete a whole year of tiny squares!

Join me? Start anytime that feels right. Just don't ask me what I had for lunch yesterday, I'll probably have no idea. Unless I have a picture of it. ;-)