My Top 20 Street Photographs of 2013

I have fallen in love with street photography. When I hit the streets with camera-in-hand, I see through my lens, and it rewards me with moments I might have otherwise missed. It has taught me the difference between looking and seeing which has made me a much stronger photographer. To follow are my favorite street moments of 2013. I would love to know your favorite, so please leave a comment below and let me know which photograph speaks to you. I am giving away three signed 8 x 12 prints and the three lucky winners will each receive their favorite photograph. Winners will be determined using the true random number generator (based on the blog comment number) and will be announced on my Facebook business page on Friday, January 17th. Make sure you like my page so I can tag you if you are one of the lucky recipients.

Hoping I will see you through my lens in 2014. :-)

2013-12-30_0001 2013-12-30_0002 2013-12-30_0003 2013-12-30_0004 2013-12-30_0005 2013-12-30_0006 2013-12-30_0007 2013-12-30_0008 2013-12-30_0009 2013-12-30_0010 2013-12-30_0011 2013-12-30_0012 2013-12-30_0013 2013-12-30_0014 2013-12-30_0015 2013-12-30_0016 2013-12-30_00172013-12-30_0018 2013-12-30_0019