jeff_blog-1a jeff_blog-2a jeff_blog-4a jeff_blog-5a jeff_blog-6a jeff_blog-7a jeff_blog-8a jeff_blog-9b jeff_blog-10 jeff_blog-11 jeff_blog-15a jeff_blog-16 jeff_blog-17 jeff_blog-18 jeff_blog-20 jeff_blog-21 jeff_blog-23 jeff_blog-24 jeff_blog-25 jeff_blog-26 jeff_blog-27 jeff_blog-28 jeff_blog-30 Jeff will be headed back to The Netherlands in a few short weeks. We wanted to make sure he left with some photographs of himself and his beloved apartment in the historic Lyman Village neighborhood – the place he called home during his three years in Los Angeles. Above are some of my favorite shots captured that day. I'm sure gonna miss this guy and that 'light-up-a-room' smile of his.