Hot Dogs + Iceland = Win!

hot-dogs-1 hot-dog-2 hot-dogs-3 hot-dogs-4 hot-dogs-5 hot-dogs-6 hot-dogs-7 hot-dogs-9 hot-dogs-10 hot-dogs-11 While doing research for my trip to Iceland I kept reading about hot dogs. Hot dogs? And again, as my flight was about to land several locals seated nearby said, "you must try the hot dog!" Turns out, the hot dog is a point of Icelandic national pride especially after the Guardian named it the best hot dog stand in Europe. I've never been a huge hot dog fan but how could I possibly visit Iceland and not taste what all the hoopla is about?

Bæjarins beztu pylsur, which translates to The Best Hot Dog in Town, has been serving up dogs since 1935. The stand is located in the heart of bustling Reykjavik across from the harbor, only a short walk from our hotel. (spoiler: this proved dangerous as my friends and I tread a well-worn path to this establishment during the five days we were in town)

The hot dogs are a combination of pork, beef and lamb. There are more sheep in Iceland than people, and cattle are pretty scarce, so this makes perfect sense. Forming a bed in the bottom of the fluffy, steaming bun are two types of onions: small, diced raw onion and crispy fried onions. On goes the hot dog, a stripe of yellowish brown sweet mustard and a stripe of a tangy rémoulade sauce.

Well? The hot dog is long and thin and has the perfect snap when you take a bite. The meat is sweet, salty and rich. The sauces are mild and the perfect compliment. But for me, the real star were the onions. That combo of crunchy fried and fresh onion took this hot dog to a whole new level. I'm happy to report that the hot dog more than lives up to the hoopla. And my photos are now taunting me. * insert stomach growl here *