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It's such a treat when old friends come to town. It amazes me how with some people picking right up where you left off is so effortless. These are those kind of people. Except this time there were two adorable kids along who served as proof that a few years had passed. Where were the toddlers I remembered so well? Who replaced them with kids? Kids who are funny and loving and passionate? And who-knew my friends would embrace parenthood like they have? (I knew, kinda.)

  We went to The Getty which is every bit as spectacular as the hype. From the gardens to the interactive displays to the fabulous Herb Ritts exhibit, a great day was had by all. Well, it might have only been 98% great for Keira who simply ran out of smiles toward the end.   And now for the good news? This family has fallen in love with California almost as much as I have. They've only been back home in Miami a few days and have already decided to return next year. Smart friends. :-)