Ricky's Fish Tacos

rftI love food. Really good food. And nothing pleases me more than tasting a dish SO GOOD I hit foodie nirvana. A dish SO GOOD I will most likely never order it elsewhere, because chances are I will be disappointed. Enter Ricky's Fish Tacos. Yes, the fish is deep fried. But these light and crispy pieces are more than worth the indulgence. The batter is incredibly flavorful. And the crema and homemade salsas add the magic touch. I always order one fish and one shrimp taco. Always.

Ricky's restaurant is a true 'outdoor pop up' which 'pops up' in a small, tent covered space on Virgil, a side street next to Von's on Sunset in Los Feliz. He usually sets up around noon, Thursday through Sunday, and stays open until he sells out. His days and hours vary throughout the year so be sure to check Ricky's tweets before you head out.

I've visited Ricky many times over the past few years. He greets everyone as an old friend and his smile is absolutely contagious. The communal tables are filled with interesting and friendly people. It's the kind of place I have no problem hitting solo because every person there is either a regular or a newbie who can't stop talking about how insanely good Ricky's tacos are. This is truly a place that defines L.A. for me. Nothing fishy about that.